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Do you fully use Loxone?

Do you have Loxone and do not like supplied applications? Do you have a complicated connection and can not understand it? Or do you want to have anything unique?

What can we offer?

  • Creating of live and controllable web visualization
  • Adjustments and adaptations of current applications
  • Complete customized application

Application project: Vrbenská 4

Application project: Vrbenská 4, České Budějovice

Smart home applications LARX

Smart home applications LARX

Customized Loxone visualization - ground plan of house

Customized Loxone visualization – ground plan of house

Because Loxone is open, amodular and a dynamic developing system which offers a infinite range of applications. From the simplest to very robust solution. For this reason these very good applications can not pleased.

Loxone fortunately expects that which is one of isolated features. Leave a space for your wishes and ideas and for developers free hands.

Thanks to this we can adjust an customized application or for specific needs to create entirely completely new. Do you miss any features that an original does not? No problem!

I have specific requirements

Customized Loxone visualization - control of heating system

Customized Loxone visualization – control of heating system

When you lose an overview

As one of a few we create graphically sufficient visualizations of Loxone smart home. By helping of this web application you can not loose an overview even though there is a large number of sensors, controls and another peripherals.

Visualization can accommodate perhaps like a ground plan of your house, A view from a side of house, visualization of heating system or whatever fits you. You are going to have an quick and lively overview about all opportunities of an easy operation.

Online web visualization is an extension of Loxone system which allows you not only to have something effective but also something interesting. It always has been prepared to customized client.

Main advantages of web visualization

  • It is accessible from everywhere via internetpřístupná odkudkoli
  • It is not limited to a particular device or system (you do not have to install anything)
  • It provides almost unlimited possibilities of adaptation
  • You see everything clearly and immediately
  • It is easy to update (add new features, etc.)

You interested in your own customized application?

Get an access to unlimited possibilities. Arrange an tentative appointment and find out how you can use Loxone to a maximum.

I want to create Loxon customized visualization

Customized web visualization

About us

Technological company LARX s.r.o. is certified Loxone partner.

We are based in České Budějovice as well as Loxone. Specifically you can find us in JVTP. We provide our services via all Czech Republic as well as in abroad. We are holders of all Loxone certificates and after a successful expert training — Level 1, Level 2 and a practical part.

Loxone certified partner LARX s.r.o.

Radek Bartuška, MBA

Loxone certifikovaný partner LARX s.r.o.
Project manager

Bc. Ondřej Levý, DiS.

Loxone certifikovaný partner LARX s.r.o.
Software manager

Lukáš Troup


LARX s.r.o.
Lipová 1789/9
370 05 České Budějovice

IČ: 02916428. File number: C 22641 kept by the regional court in České Budějovice. Bank connection: 2500582499/2010
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Are you interested in Loxone?

Are you interested in Loxone?

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Would you like to see Loxone in action?

Would you like to see Loxone in action?

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