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Everything which Loxone offers – for new and current homes. As a certified expert partner of Loxone we offer a complete care from an introduction of technology over an analysis of requirements and options up to a design and an implementation in the house…

We are experts

  • We know about every news as well as all opportunities and best practices. We provide a guarantee and a support.

We have experiences

  • We manage to use Loxone at maximum. Thanks to ideas and effective combinations of elements.

Customized attitude

  • Each house and user is different . We do not offer finished solutions but we reflect real requirements.


Možnosti řešení Loxone chytrý dům

What does it mean a smart home to us?

A smart home does not mean that a coffee boils or in the bathroom a favorite song turns on by itself in the morning. It brings savings, it saves time and increases comfort. When I go to a toilet at night, a detector turns me on by itself but slightly that does not blind me. Nobody is at home, it is January, it is freezing outside but a sun shines: They spread blinds and heat for free. I leave as the last and I go to work or sleep, I press the nearest switch for three times: My house will be ensured, all lights and domestic appliances will be turned off. If somewhere is a open window or a turned pool or something else, an application on a phone lets me know. Nobody is at home, neighbor or postman rings – I can see him on a camera, I can talk to him or for example I can open a garage to him. This is for me a clever home.

Radek Bartuška, MBA
Our Loxone expert

Free consultation and examination Loxone

We look forward to seeing you in our office and showroom in Jihočeský vědeckotechnický park in České Budějovice. During the tentative appointment we can show you Loxone technology in practice.

Together we discuss your requirements and we consider a solutions. Another appointment will be right at your home in terms of your project and an analyse of data for a realization of smart home.

I would like to see Loxone in action

What ability does a smart house have?

  • Lighting
  • Control heating
  • Shadow technology
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Multimédia
  • Sensors of open doors and windows
  • Communications
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Fire alarm
  • Check air quality
  • Monitoring of water level
  • Cameras
  • Control of gates and doors
  • Control of sauna
  • Automatic switch off of appliances
  • Use their own energy resources
  • Garden watering
  • Watching of weather
  • Children’s lock on TV
  • Automatic evaluation of energy consumption
  • Monitoring of water level
  • Optimization of energy consumption

Are you interested in Loxone smart home?

Get the free consultation and visit our showroom in Jihočeský vědeckotechnický park. Everything we demonstrate you, explain and together we think a customized project.

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Loxone smart home

About us

Technological company LARX s.r.o. is certified Loxone partner.

We are based in České Budějovice as well as Loxone. Specifically you can find us in JVTP. We provide our services via all Czech Republic as well as in abroad. We are holders of all Loxone certificates and after a successful expert training — Level 1, Level 2 and a practical part.

Loxone certified partner LARX s.r.o.

Radek Bartuška, MBA

Loxone certifikovaný partner LARX s.r.o.
Project manager

Bc. Ondřej Levý, DiS.

Loxone certifikovaný partner LARX s.r.o.
Software manager

Lukáš Troup


LARX s.r.o.
Lipová 1789/9
370 05 České Budějovice

IČ: 02916428. File number: C 22641 kept by the regional court in České Budějovice. Bank connection: 2500582499/2010
LARX s.r.o. - Jihočeský vědeckotechnický park

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Are you interested in Loxone?

Are you interested in Loxone?

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Would you like to see Loxone in action?

Would you like to see Loxone in action?

We have prepared the new Loxone showroom in JVTP Offices. We will gladly show you everything. Enter your your e-mail (eventually phone) and we immediately contact you.

Loxone showroom in jihočeský vědeckotechnický park - Českých Budějovicích